Walmart Affiliate Program

The Walmart Affiliate Program is a great way to earn money by promoting Walmart products on your website or blog. With competitive commission rates and a wide range of products to choose from, you can earn significant passive income by participating in this program.


If you’re searching for a reliable way to generate income from your website or blog, affiliate marketing is an excellent option. Walmart, a renowned retail giant, offers an affiliate program that allows you to earn commissions by promoting their products. In this review, we’ll explore the Walmart Affiliate Program in detail, discussing its commission structure, sign-up process, advantages, disadvantages, and FAQs, and conclude with our insights.

Company Details:

walmart affiliate program
  • Company Name: Walmart
  • Industry: Retail
  • Headquarters: Bentonville, Arkansas
  • Website:
  • Affiliate Program URL:

Commission Structure:

  • Commission Rate: Up to 4% on eligible sales
  • Payment Terms: Net 30
  • Tracking: Impact Radius

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Company URL:

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How to Sign Up?

walmart affiliate program
  • Visit the Walmart Affiliate Program website.
  • Click on the “Sign Up” button and fill out the application form.
  • Provide accurate information about your website, traffic, and promotional strategies.
  • Once your application is approved, you’ll receive access to the Walmart Affiliate Program tools and resources.

Pros And Cons:


  • High-traffic website: Walmart is one of the most visited websites in the world, so you’ll have a lot of potential customers to reach.
  • Competitive commission rates: The commission rates for the Walmart Affiliate Program are competitive, so you can earn a good amount of money for every sale you generate.
  • Wide range of products: Walmart sells a wide range of products, so you can find something to promote that your audience will be interested in.
  • Trusted Brand: Walmart is a recognized name globally, which enhances the credibility of your promotions.
  • Extensive Product Catalog: Walmart offers a vast range of products across various categories, increasing your earning potential.
  • Competitive Commissions: While commission rates vary, they are generally in line with industry standards.
  • Tracking and Reporting Tools: The program provides comprehensive analytics and reporting to track your performance.


  • Low Commission Rates: Some product categories offer relatively lower commission rates, impacting potential earnings.
  • Cookie Duration: Walmart’s cookie duration is shorter compared to other affiliate programs, limiting the window for earning commissions.
  • Limited international shipping: Walmart does not ship to all countries, so you’ll only be able to earn commissions on sales from countries where Walmart ships.

Company Reviews:

The Walmart Affiliate Program has received positive reviews from many affiliates. People who have participated in the program say that it is a great way to earn money and that the commission rates are competitive. However, some people have said that the conversion rates are low, which can make it difficult to earn a lot of money.


The Walmart Affiliate Program offers a promising opportunity to earn commissions by promoting a trusted retail brand. With its extensive product catalog and competitive commission rates, it can be a valuable addition to your affiliate marketing strategy. Although it has some limitations, such as lower commission rates and a shorter cookie duration, the program is still worth considering for those looking to monetize their website or online presence. Sign up today and start maximizing your earnings with Walmart!


  1. Can I join the Walmart Affiliate Program if I’m not based in the United States?

    Yes, the Walmart Affiliate Program accepts international applications.

  2. Are there any costs associated with joining the program?

    No, joining the Walmart Affiliate Program is free of charge.

  3. Do I need a website to participate in the program?

    While having a website is beneficial, Walmart also accepts applications from influencers with a substantial social media presence.

  4. How much can I earn with the Walmart Affiliate Program?

    You can earn up to 4% on each eligible sale.

  5. What are the eligibility requirements for the Walmart Affiliate Program?

    You must have a website or blog with at least 10,000 monthly visitors.

  6. How long does it take to get approved for the Walmart Affiliate Program?

    It typically takes a few days to get approved.

  7. What is the Walmart Affiliate Program?

    The Walmart Affiliate Program is a way for you to earn commissions by promoting Walmart products on your website or blog.

  8. How much can I earn with the Walmart Affiliate Program?

    You can earn up to 4% on eligible sales.

  9. How do I sign up for the Walmart Affiliate Program?

    You can sign up for the Walmart Affiliate Program on their website.

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